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What's New?


My EVDense and Timeline enhancements (June 10, 2011)

Timeline enhancements

Performance - We have made several performance enhancements to the Timeline making it faster than ever.

Design - We have made several design enhancements to the Timeline including:

  1. Redesigned Toolbar
  2. Redesigned Zoom Control
  3. Larger Workspace Naming Area
  4. Inverted Tag Color Option
  5. New Full Screen Mode
  6. "Daylight" Hour Zone
  7. Refresh Workspace Button

Features - We have also added some new features to the Timeline including:

  • Invert Tag Colors - you now have the option to switch from the old color text on a black background to black text on a color background
  • The Timeline now loads in your last viewed Workspace
  • Saving a Workspace now saves the scroll position of the Timeline
  • Refresh Workspace will restore your Timeline the the current saved Workspace state

My EVDense enhancements

We have made several performance enhancements to the My EVDense view as well as a mouse over tool tip to show ellipsed file names fully.


New Word Document Preview, EVDense Uploader Feature Enhancements (March 23, 2011)

New My EVDense and Timeline Word Document Preview

We have added Microsoft Word™ documents to the supported preview types for faster document viewing in the Timeline and My EVDense Tab.


New Uploader Features

We've added several features to the EVDense Uploader.

Always On Top Option - We've added the ability to choose whether the Uploader Widget is always on top of other windows.


Folder Based Queuing - We now provide a list of your EVDense folders so you can upload directly from you Desktop to an EVDense folder.


My EVDense PDF Preview, New Product, Account Logging (February 25, 2011)

New My EVDense PDF Preview

We have added Adobe PDF™ documents to the supported preview types for faster PDF viewing in the My EVDense Tab.


New Product

Professional Edition: Now available, the EVDense Digital Diary Professional Edition.

Account Logging

We have added extensive account logging for increased security and transparency.

The Account Log is found under the "my account" page.


Child Custody Edition and Professional Edition Users

As a Child Custody Edition or Professional Edition user, event more extensive logging and EVDense reporting is available :


Activity Log - Displays all EVDense related Activity

Reporting - View and Print EVDense in a comprehensive list format

Timeline PDF Preview, My EVDense Type Searching (December 15, 2010)

New Timeline PDF Preview

We have added Adobe PDF™ documents to the supported preview types for faster PDF viewing.


Search Features

Added File Type Search: We have added a "of Type" option to the My EVDense search options. This allows you to search for specific file types.


Timeline Preview Mode, Search Features and other improvements (November 19, 2010)

New Timeline Preview Mode

We have added a larger preview area for Journal Entries and Images in the Timeline.


Search Features

Added "All Folders": We have added an "All Folders" option to the My EVDense search options. This allows you to search all of your EVDense for specific criteria.


Clickable Comment Links

If you have a URL in a comment we now make it a clickable link. For example, typing in a comment will create a navigatable link in that comment.


Quick Full Screen Preview

We have added a small button (New_window) to My EVDense which will open the current EVDense in a new window for a quick preview.

New Product, Timeline and Site Updates (September 17, 2010)

New Product

We have added a new EDD-CC Two Month plan for those interested in a shorter subscription cycle.

Timeline Updates

Rename Workspace: The timeline now features the ability to rename workspaces, simply double click on the workspace name, make your change and click the save button.

Portable Timeline: Download a "Portable Timeline" for read-only offline Timeline access. (Learn More)

Website Updates

Interactive Help: We have added an "Interactive Help" feature to the My EVDense tab to visually guide you through the use of this tab.

Ask A Lawyer: Our Resources page now integrates with Avvo to help you find or ask a question of a lawyer.

Social Networking Links: Share our Resources page with our new "Tweet" and "Like" buttons for Twitter and Facebook

New Products & Usability Updates (July 8, 2010)

New Products

Upgrade your account to our EDD-CC Child Custody version or add more storage space under My Account.

View our testimonials to see what our customers are saying about EDD-CC.

My EVDense Tab

Tag Organization: We now differentiate between personal and global tags with the use of icons. You can also sort the list of tags by these properties.

Sort_tags Tag_organization

GeoTagging Support for images: We now provide links to popular map sites for your images with GeoTagging (latitude/longitude) information.



Highlight Locking: You can now "Lock Highlight" for tags which will keep the tag and tagged EVDense highlighted on the Timeline. This option is saved on a per workspace basis.


Clustered EVDense Improvment: We now merge "clusters" of five or more EVDense items into a single icon to conserve space on the Timeline.


Account Size Indicator

We have added an indicator to show how close you are to your maximum account size.


New Podcast & Usability Updates (April 22, 2010)

EVDense Podcast Series

We have added a new podcast from Cathy Meyer, certified marriage educator, legal investigator and divorce counselor, we discuss issues people face before, during and after a divorce. Cathy shares her advice on how to get through a divorce and explains how you can protect yourself.

Drag and Drop Tags

Easilly tag EVDense using "Drag and Drop" tags in the My EVDense tab.


Quickly remove all tags from one or more file


New Podcast & Timeline Updates (April 9, 2010)

EVDense Podcast Series

We have added a new podcast from Roy Lubit, forensic child psychologist and expert witness in child custody cases, we discuss some of the major issues in a child custody case. Dr. Lubit shares his expert advice to help give parents a better understanding on how to prepare for a custody battle and gives specific examples on how to be a stronger parent for your children.

New Podcast & Timeline Update (April 5, 2010)

EVDense Podcast Series

We have added a new podcast from Bernice Sandler, “Godmother of Title IX,” we discuss the issue of sexual harassment in schools and in the workplace. Dr. Sandler explains what sexual harassment is and shares her expert advice on the things people can do to protect themselves from sexually harassing behavior.

Timeline Update

We have added a visual indicator to show which months are not yet loaded in the Timeline


Site Improvements (March 30, 2010)


EVDense Digital Diary – Child Custody (EDD-CC) is our new service specifically designed for those going through a Child Custody battle. It is much more than just an EVDense Digital Diary account. You will get additional storage space, organizational features, online training, valuable "Successful Child Custody – White Paper" and Email support with our Child Custody experts. The EDD-CC is used for your parenting evaluation reports, for your court hearings and legal proceedings regarding custody, for enforcing your parenting plan and child support orders. For more information click here.

Timeline Improvements


Workspaces, a major time saving enhancement has been added to the EVDense Timeline

A Workspace will remember; Tag locations, Tag colors, Background Image, Zoom Level, and All Filters

The controls for Workspaces are located next to the Filters section in the Timeline toolbar :


1. Click Here to Select the Current Workspace
2. Click Here to Save the Current Workspace
3. Click Here to Create a New Workspace
4. Click Here to Delete the Current Workspace

Specify Tag Colors

You can now choose specific colors for each tag.


Usability Updates (March 15, 2010)

Sharing Tab

Added Guest Access Permissions

Each passport you issue has an individual setting for what actions the Guest can perform.

"Read & Comment" permission will allow your guest to view and download your EVDense as well as comment on it.

"Write" permission will allow your guest to create Journal Entries, upload EVDense and add tags to your EVDense.


Guest email notification controls

Depending on the options you select, you will now receive an email when a Guest comments on your EVDense as well as a daily email reporting all Guest activity in the last 24 hours.


My EVDense Tab

Comments View

We have added a full screen "Comments View" where you can easily view, add and remove comments while previewing your EVDense.

Comment_view_button Comment_view_example

Loading of Large Folders

Large folders are now loaded in "stages" for improved performance.

New Journal Entry

Journal Entries can now be created "in folder" from the My EVDense tab.

Removing Common Tags

When you have multiple files selected with common tags, the common tags can now be removed from all those files at once.


Usability Updates (February 18, 2010)

Sharing Tab

You can now share your timeline with your attorney, counselor or friends and family.

Once you've granted secure access to an individual, they can view your timeline, leave comments and download your files. To get started sharing your EVDense Timeline, visit the Sharing Tab.


New Podcast Series

We've launched our Podcast Series speaking with renowned experts about issues that matters the most to you. Our first podcast speaks with Gary Namie about Bullying in the Workplace. Click here to go to our resource page.

Timeline Features

Improved and Simplified User Interface
New and improved file details view when viewing multiple files.

Tag Location and Color
We now save your tag location and color so you can set up your timeline that way you like.


Additional Zoom Levels
You can now zoom to ¼, ½, 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 9, and 12 months view.

Months on Timeline with No Files
We now display a placeholder on the Timeline for time periods where no files are present. The width of the placeholder is proportional to the number of months missing.


Files that are Tagged but not on Screen
Hovering over a tag now draws lines to all EVDense on the Timeline with that tag even if the EVDense is not on screen.

Layout Changes (January 12, 2010)

Timeline Toolbar

The Timeline Toolbar has been changed slightly. Most notably, the Filter menus are now part of the toolbar and "Hide Inactive Tags" has been temporarilly removed.


My EVDense File View

The My EVDense File View now implements a tabbed view to separate Tasks, Tags, Comments, and Properties.


My EVDense Tab (October 26, 2009)

All new layout and design, simlar to most popular web email accounts

New My EVDense how to videos

Video: Organizing Files,  Video: Working with Folders.

Creating folders to organize your files


Drag and drop to organize files


Ability to have same file in more than one folder


Filter by tag option


Sort by file name, stored on date / event date

Click either the file name, stored on, or event date column to toggle between ascending and descending sorting.


Download and certify files directly from the My EVDense tab.


Removing files from a folder


Folder, Tag and Comment count columns in list view


Actions on multiple files

Add comments/tags, change event date, delete files or add to folders.


Updated Flash Timeline (September 12, 2009)

The Flash Timeline now boasts simpler navigation and toolbars. Simply click on the the small version of the timeline to jump to that location in time.


View your EVDense by Event Date

Use the calendar toolbar button Date_view_button to switch between Stored On and Event Date views.

Hide Inactive Tags

You can now opt to hide tags that do not point to EVDense currently on the screen.


Situational how-to videos

When you're logged in, your landing page now has instructional videos on using EVDense for a variety of situations; from Child Custody issues to protecting your Intellectual Property.

Have a look!
(90 second videos) Using EVDense for:

Sorting by Event Date in Untagged and Tagged (August 14, 2009)

You can use the new event date to sort and organize your evidense in a more meaningful way. In the future you will be able to view your EVDense Timeline based on this date.


Event Date & Time Control

EVDense automatically chooses the default Event Date and Time from the earliest of all system dates, such as “Created” or “Modified,” embedded in the electronic file.

Grey colored font indicates EVDense automatically chose the Event Date and Time from the earliest system date embedded in the electronic file.


Black colored font means you, the user, set an alternative Event Date and Time. Keep in mind that EVDense permanently stores all dates, including all alternative Event Dates and Times that you might have selected.


In the near future you will be able to view your EVDense Timeline based on this date.

Click here to learn more details about this feature

Local Time Zone Support (July 31, 2009)

You can now choose your local time zone under "my account," your EVDense dates and times will be displayed in the time zone you select.


The Timeline Summary will automatically detect your local time zone and display dates and time accordingly.

EVDense Uploader Version 1.0 (July 14, 2009)

You can now store EVDense directly from your Windows, Macintosh, or Unix desktop with our new Adobe Air Application.


EVDense Uploader allows you to store EVDense with a simple drag and drop operation from your desktop on any platform.

Click here to learn more about or to download the all new EVDense Uploader.

EVDense Release Version 2.1 (July 3, 2009)

Timeline Summary Enhancements

  • Ability to add and remove comments.
  • Ability to add and remove tags.

EVDense Release Version 2.0 (May 22, 2009)

Timeline Summary

This summary is a visual representation of your stored evidence and tags over a timeline. Think of our Timeline Summary like something you would see in a CSI episode: a white board with all the evidence and facts posted in a meaningful time oriented manner.

Privacy Quick Logout

We've added a quick logout button that will end your EVDense session and redirect you to the Yahoo website.

Additional Help Video Links

Each tab in the EVDense application now contains a link to the tab's corresponding help video.



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