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Everyday you hear, see and think of things you later regret not having recorded it, taken a photo or video, or written it down to capture that moment.

Welcome to EVDense, a secure solution for creating, tracking and storing the events and facts that are important to you.

By collecting all of your electronic files in our visual timeline, you can show patterns that tell your story. Any story! It’s your visual diary just for you to save things like emails or pictures or recordings or videos. The tags you attach to your files help you organize your files on the timeline, so you can see how they are connected to each other, like this. Here are examples of how people have successfully used EVDense:

  • Lawyers know that pictures are worth thousands of words when telling their story. The EVDense visual timeline is a breakthrough, because it takes a large amount of evidence and shows patterns in a simple, easy to see picture.
    - Family law attorney
  • EVDense helps me protect my music compositions and performances throughout the creative process. I can track a song from the time a jingle first comes up in my head, as I build and add to it, when I write my lyrics for it, and when I jam with my musician buddies to hear it. I feel very protected when I am ready to publish my song.
    - Singer-songwriter
  • EVDense gives me exactly what I’ve been looking for. It provides a timeline of the documents I need, all stored in a centralized location I can share with others outside of my firm. My co-counsel and I really like it and it makes our work much more effective.
    - Probate lawyer
  • I used EVDense when an employee of mine quit, and then started complaining about his personal property he said he left behind, and threatening to report me to L&I. But when he saw his emails and voicemails in EVDense, he signed a settlement agreement and walked away with only one box of his personal items.
    - Small business owner

Benefits of the EVDense Digital Diary

  • Use your files to show patterns with our patent pending "Visual Timeline"
  • Date and time stamp your files
  • Quickly organize, sort and find your files
  • Certify your files have not been changed
  • Validate your files by comparing them to your EVDense stored versions

How It Works


EVDense Digital Diary is Simple

As soon as you register and activate your EVDense account, you can start creating and storing your evidence. We suggest you add standard (and optional) information to each file, so you can create a detailed log of your data. You also can easily keep track of your files. You can download your files. And if you need special legal proof, you can use the EVDense certify and validate features for each of your files. Here's how simple it is.

Security and Storage

EVDense is the first digital diary hosted by a trusted third party. With an Internet connection and 128-bit, 256-SSL-capable Internet browser, you can use EVDense to upload electronic files in a secure, tamper-proof environment. You can safely create a personal diary, and record and store all of your digital files, including photographs, videos, voice mail, taped conversations, e-mails, and instant and text messages.



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