Introducing High Conflict Institute's HCI PatternViewer™

Visually show the behavioral patterns of high conflict personalities

SEATTLE, WA — November 14, 2011


High Conflict Institute LLC (,a provider of education and resources to understand high conflict people (HCPs), today launched the HCI PatternViewer™ solution. Because of technology advances, there are growing numbers of highly contested family law cases that generate an overwhelming amount of electronic information, such as emails, text messages, pictures, audio-video files and postings on Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. Much of this information is about HCPs' abusive behavior or false statements, which are hard to identify and understand if you don't have enough information to see the patterns. Parents cannot afford the legal cost of reading, organizing and analyzing all of this information, and lawyers on limited budgets worry about missing key pieces of information. HCI PatternViewer™ solves this problem by showing patterns of behavior in simple, easy to see pictures, and by quickly and easily making sense of the huge amount of evidence.


HCI PatternViewer™ is the first tool to help anyone store emails, pictures, voicemails, text messages and other electronic files, and organize them in a visual and graphic timeline to reveal patterns of behavior. With HCI PatternViewer™, a parent or a professional can easily store electronic files sent from or to a high conflict person with borderline personality or narcissistic personality traits. Most importantly, HCI PatternViewer™ visual timeline can show patterns of the HCP's aggressive behavior or distorted claims.


"HCI PatternViewer™ is a breakthrough," says Bill Eddy, co-founder of HCI, a family law attorney and mental health professional. "Lawyers know that a picture is worth a thousand words when telling their story. With HCI PatternViewer™, anyone can take a huge amount of information and turn it into a simple, easy to see picture. This tool automates the processes and procedures I've written and lectured on for the past 12 years, and now parents and professionals can effectively tell their story in a fraction of the time and cost compared to the manual method."


EVDense Corporation, creator of the EVDense Digital Diary, worked with HCI to develop HCI PatternViewer™. "A visual timeline works" says Craig Kobayashi, Co-CEO of EVDense Corporation. "Our customers have successfully used the visual timeline for many purposes, from music composition to public relations, and from HR matters to child custody disputes. A family mediator recently wrote "EVDense has made an incredible difference in the way the parents interact, and you can be sure you helped a three year old boy have a much happier life."


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About High Conflict Institute

HCI is a leading international authority on high conflict people and how to handle them in a variety of settings, including legal, workplace, healthcare, education, government, business and others. Bill Eddy, LCSW, Esq. co-founded HCI to provide education and resources to professionals handling high conflict disputes and to anyone involved in relationships of any kind with people who have high conflict personalities. HCI provides seminars and consultation to organizations upon request, as well as coaching, books, DVDs, audio recordings, and free articles online.

About EVDense

Facts Count. The EVDense Digital Diary (DD) is a secure, time stamped document storage service for collecting credible evidence. EVDense DD gives you the most effective way to provide court presentable facts in chronological documentation. You can store any type of electronic files such as Word, PDF, Email, Voicemail, etc. EVDense Corporation, a legal technology company and maker of the EVDense DD, also provides software services and legal consulting for Fortune 500 companies, and with its legal expertise advises trial court judges in the admission of electronically stored information as evidence.


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