EVDense Corporation Meets with Music Students in Shoreline, WA

The EVDense Digital Diary is the perfect solution for musicians to protect their work

SEATTLE, WA — November 13, 2009

EVDense Corporation (, last week presented the EVDense Digital Diary (EVD DD) to students of Shoreline Community Colleges Music Program in Shoreline, WA. EVD DD is a perfect solution for musicians to use for collecting evidence to protect their work. With the ability to store any electronic file, musicians can easily record the creative process from start to finish.


It is important for musicians to first protect their ideas before sharing them with others. Because it is common for a musician to want to share their song ideas with other musicians for feedback, or for collaborative reasons, verses or songs are often claimed by another as their own. Without the proper evidence to prove ownership, it is hard to protect the work once it has fallen into the wrong hands.


The EVD DD can help musicians by giving them a secure and organized way to collect and store all of their ideas as evidence. It is important anytime a musician begins writing a song that they immediately begin recording the creative process. If at any time there is a dispute over the ownership of a song, having a detailed record of the creative process and the inspiration of how the song came about can be the difference between winning and loosing the dispute, says Roger Yee Co-CEO of EVDense Corporation.


With the soon to be release of the EVD iPhone App, it is even easier for musicians to instantly capture their ideas and begin keeping a record. Because musicians are often on the go, the EVD iPhone App is a perfect way to keep track of any new ideas as they happen. Musicians can easily record a new musical track straight into their iPhone, write down their song ideas as journal entries, or immediately capture an inspirational picture.


About EVDense


EVDense Corporation, headquartered in Seattle, Washington, is a leader in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications for securely creating, storing, and retrieving electronic files and documents.  The EVDense team has decades of experience in the legal technology industry, and is advised by seasoned legal experts. EVDense products include Ixio Legal QShift and Business Intelligence Process Design consulting for business class customers, and EVDense Digital Diary for consumers to create and store electronic information as evidence.


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