Workplace Bullying : States Consider New Laws to Protect Victims

Lawmakers recognize that worker abuse is a problem and victims need legal protection

SEATTLE, WA — August 10, 2010

EVDense Corporation, maker of the EVDense Digital Diary, is the leading Internet-based service to help victims of abuse document their daily activities. In the past, it was very difficult for workplace abuse victims to capture and store digital evidence of bullying. Because of the difficulty of proving workplace abuse, bosses have been emboldened to use their authority to yell, humiliate, target and eventually get rid of employees. In a recent Time Magazine article (,8599,2005358,00.html?hpt=3DT2), Adam Cohen writes that 37% of American adults said they had been bullied at work, and until now, most of it was perfectly legal.


Today, the tide has turned. States such as New York are considering new laws to protect bullied employees. These bills allow workers who can prove they were subject to hostile conduct to sue for lost wages, medical expenses, emotional distress, and punitive damages Mr. Cohen writes that 16 states are currently considering anitbullying legislation, and in all of these bills the important factor is whether the employee can prove hostile conduct by the boss, which is not an easy thing to do.


EVDense Digital Diary allows any employee to capture, store and retrieve emails, text messages, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and YouTube postings, pictures, voicemail, and even video recordings in a safe and reliable way. For example, it's easy to send an email or text message, or even capture a page from a SNS account, and store it in EVDense. Each electronic copy is date and time stamped, and EVDense will certify that it is an accurate copy of what you stored, and no changes or alterations have been made after the time it was stored in EVDense.


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