Ixio Legal Qshift Document Drafting Connects To Evdense Digital Diary For Document Storage

Ixio Legal QShift users can automatically save their newly created documents and answer files directly intotheir EVDense Digital Diary account

SEATTLE, WA — August 3, 2009

Ixio Legal QShift (, the leader in smart document drafting, is now integrated with the EVDense Digital Diary ( Ixio Legal QShift users can store their documents, and their answer files, directly into their EVDense Digital Diary account with a simple click. In addition to drafting quality documents in minutes, Ixio Legal QShift users can store their documents and answer files with a date and time stamp to prove when the document was created, and what information was used. Unlike folder-based storage systems, the EVDense Digital Diary has a unique Timeline Summary for users to quickly find and see their documents. And compared to document management systems where any document can be changed by editing it, the EVDense Digital Diary archives all electronic files that is, all files in stored in their EVDense Digital Diary account cannot be edited and are frozen in time. So if there is a question about the integrity of the documents contents, an Ixio Legal QShift drafter can use the EVDense Digital Diary certification feature to prove the content of the document has not been changed in any way since the date and time the document was stored in their EVDense Digital Diary account.


Roger Yee, Founder and Co-CEO of EVDense Corporation, says Corporate law departments, small law firms and solo practitioners all have asked us how to store and retrieve their documents, once they have been created. The integration of Ixio Legal QShift and the EVDense Digital Diary is the answer. This connection represents a significant step to provide Ixio Legal QShift document drafters with a whole product solution. Ixio Legal QShift has been serving the legal community since 2004. Ixio Legal QShift helps lawyers to save time and money by automating the creation of legal contracts. Lawyers can have 24/7 access to their contract templates with just their personal computers and an Internet connection. By using Ixio Legal QShift with the EVDense Digital Diary you can:


Draft in minutes not hours

Reduce your risk by creating 100% metadata-free contracts

Store your know-how by attaching comments to clauses, draft or templates

Quickly find and use any clause

Update all of your templates at once

Store, view and find your contracts


About EVDense


EVDense Corporation, headquartered in Seattle, Washington, is a leader in

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications for securely creating, storing, and retrieving electronic files and documents. EVDense Digital Diary is a secure, private way of creating, collecting, tracking and storing all of your electronic files, including photographs, videos, voice mails, taped conversations, emails, and instant and text messages. As a trusted third party, EVDense provides its users with certified copies showing the date and time the electronic files were stored in their account, and that the files have not been changed since the time of storage. The EVDense Digital Diary certification process complies with difficult legal standards to admit electronic evidence in court. The EVDense team has decades of experience in the legal technology industry, and is advised by seasoned legal experts. EVDense products also include Ixio Legal QShift for drafting documents, and business intelligence process design consulting services for business class


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