EVDense Digital Diary users now can drag and drop electronic files into their EVDense account at any time

SEATTLE, WA — July 22, 2009

EVDense Corporation (, the leader in storing and protecting electronic evidence for consumers, has released ePUploader, a new feature that allows EVDense Digital Diary users to drag and drop their electronic files into ePUploader and store them into their EVDense account. For example, if youre too busy to log into EVDense account, but want to save an electronic file into your EVDense account, simply drag and drop the file from your desktop into ePUploader. The electronic file will be immediately stored and will be automatically sent to your EVDense account the next time you log in. Or take the example where you just downloaded over thirty pictures from your cell phone camera. You can drag and drop the whole group of pictures together into ePUploader and youre done. Its that simple.


Roger Yee, Founder and Co-CEO of EVDense, says ePUploader is really the brainchild of our users. Our customers told us they wanted to use their EVDense Digital Diary at any time, not just while they are logged on the Internet. And our customers told us they wanted a quicker and easier way to store crucial evidence in the EVDense account. With the new ePUploader, EVDense users can store files, even if not logged on to the Internet, by simply dragging and dropping their electronic from their desktop directly into the ePUploader.


Based on Adobe Air technology, ePUploader sits on your desktop as an icon. Any PC, Linux or MAC user can use ePUploader. You do not have to be online to use ePUploader; instead, you can queue up files in ePUploader, and later store them in your EVDense account when you have an Internet connection. Later, you can log into your EVDense account and use the new Timeline Summary to tag, sort and display your files.


About EVDense. EVDense Corporation, headquartered in Seattle, Washington, is a leader in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications for securely creating, storing, and retrieving electronic files and documents. EVDense Digital Diary is a secure, private way of creating, collecting, tracking and storing all of your electronic files, including photographs, videos, voice mails, taped conversations, emails, and instant and text messages. As a trusted third party, EVDense provides its users with certified copies showing the date and time the electronic files were stored in their account, and that the files have not been changed since the time of storage. The EVDense Digital Diary certification process complies with difficult legal standards to admit electronic evidence in court. The EVDense team has decades of experience in the legal technology industry, and is advised by seasoned legal experts. EVDense products include Ixio Legal QShift and business intelligence process design for business class customers (


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