Winning Child Custody against a Spouse with Borderline Personality Disorder

How a parent successfully used EVDense Digital Diary – Child Custody to defeat the claims of a BPD ex-spouse

SEATTLE, WA — July 15, 2010

EVDense Corporation (, maker of "EVDense Digital Diary - Child Custody," is the leading Internet-based service to help parents win child custody by documenting their daily activities." A customer recently described how EVDense helped in the legal battle to win primary custody." By proving the ex-spouse was showing the telltale behavioral patterns of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), the EVDense customer successfully defended unfounded claims of unfit parenting, as well as emotional and physical abuse.


"At first, I was distressed and depressed from my ex's accusations of me abusing our child," says B.L. "When I found out about EVDense, I uploaded and organized over two thousand emails and documents into my EVDense account with the help of EVDense experts. Over time, the EVDense Timeline not only helped me see, but helped me prove, that my ex's claims were false. "


"Also, by being able to describe my ex's patterns of raging, accusing, and blaming me for real and imaginary problems, my counselor helped me understand that my ex shows classic symptoms of BPD."


Daily uploading of evidence was a winning strategy for B.L.:



During mediation, arbitrations and family court hearings, the EVDense Timeline helped B.L. demonstrate that the ex's claims were without merit. "I was worried sick about doing the right thing for my child," said B.L. "Now, even though I still get angry about the constant blaming from my ex, I am not confused about why it is happening, or about my parenting skills. And I have documented, fact-based answers to my ex's erratic and hurtful accusations."


Experts and lawyers across the country strongly recommend that every parent involved in a contested child custody case keep a daily journal." EVDense Digital Diary " Child Custody is the first and only electronic digital diary that helps you keep track, not only of your thoughts, but of your emails, documents, texting, voicemails, pictures and videos that are relevant to your parenting activities." Real, court-verifiable evidence that you can use to protect your parenting rights. Using EVDense every day is the most effective way to prove how well you care for your child.


About EVDense

Facts count. The EVDense Digital Diary is a secure, time-stamped document storage service for collecting and presenting credible, legally-verifiable evidence. EVDense Digital Diary gives you the most effective and compelling way to provide court presentable facts, documented in a chronological timeline. You can store any type of electronic files (including Word documents, PDF's, Emails, Voicemails, photos, etc.).

EVDense Corporation, a legal technology company and maker of the EVDense Digital Diary, also provides software services and legal consulting for Fortune 500 companies. It is regularly called upon to provide legal expertise for trial court judges regarding the admission of electronically stored information as evidence.


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