EVDense Releases Visual Timeline to Organize Files

EVDense Corporation, an emerging leader in using technology to empower and protect people, today released a visual timeline in version 2.0 of the EVDense Digital Diary Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

SEATTLE, WA — May 27, 2009

The EVDense Digital Diary is a secure, private way of creating, collecting, tracking and storing your electronic files, including photographs, videos, voice mails, taped conversations, emails, and instant and text messages. As a trusted third party, EVDense provides its users with certified copies showing the date and time the electronic files were stored in their account, and that the files have not been changed since the time of storage. The EVDense Digital Diary certification process even meets the difficult legal standards to admit electronic evidence in court.


The newly released patent-pending visual timeline helps users organize all of their electronic files that have been created or uploaded into their EVDense Digital Diary account. Unlike the traditional folder-based way of storing and finding files, the EVDense Digital Diary timeline shows each file in a calendar-style format. Users can group files in many different and useful ways, and the timeline summary displays the group of files over time. Or, a user can look at all of the files and groups at the same time.


Our users asked us for a simple and easy way to organize their EVDense Digital Diary files, said Roger Yee, Founder and Co-Chief Executive of EVDense. We developed this timeline to visually help our users remember the things they see, hear and record. The timeline will help our users tell a story of who was involved, what happened, and when and why it occurred, all based on your own facts. Also, the timeline will help our users find where a file is stored in their EVDense Digital Diary account.


Try the EVDense Digital Diary to collect, store and look at your files. It's simple and easy to use. Find us at


About EVDense: EVDense Corporation takes its unique combination of expertise from legal, knowledge process management, and IT to help you set the proper Exposure Value so you can see clearly through the Dense amount of electronic information you created and collected. EVDense enables you to log and collect electronic evidence to protect yourself and win. EVDense Corporation is headquartered in Seattle, Washington.


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