How to Get Through Your Divorce and Protect Yourself

Divorce expert Cathy Meyer speaks with EVDense and shares her tips on what you can do to survive a divorce

SEATTLE, WA — April 23, 2010

EVDense Corporation (, maker of EVDense Digital Diary, speaks with Cathy Meyer, certified marriage educator, legal investigator, divorce consultant and co-founder of Divorced Women Online Ms. Meyer shares her tips on how to protect yourself in a divorce and win in court.


Divorce happens. It's a fact of life and getting through a divorce can be very challenging. As a divorce consultant, Ms. Meyer helps people to work through their divorce. "There's an inability to understand your divorce from the other person's perspective, and if we could all do that divorce wouldn't be such a high conflict process," says Ms. Meyer.


It is important in any divorce that you document everything that is happening to help you protect yourself from being taken advantage of by your soon-to-be ex-spouse. "It's very work intensive but you should be journaling, documenting and comprising files. Check emails, text messages, cell phone bills and follow your intuitions. It's about protecting yourself legally and you can't protect yourself legally without documented proof," says Ms. Meyer.


"People who are going through a divorce are so emotional that they're not protecting themselves," says Ms. Meyer. EVDense Digital Diary makes it easy to keep records and collect the evidence you need to protect yourself. Don't be taken advantage of in your divorce. Sign up for your EVDense Digital Diary account today at


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