Expert Advice on Your Child Custody Case

Dr. Roy Lubit speaks with EVDense on child custody issues and discusses important steps for your child custody case.

SEATTLE, WA — April 9, 2010

EVDense Corporation (, maker of EVDense Digital Diary Child Custody (EDD-CC), speaks with Dr. Roy Lubit, forensic psychologist and child custody expert, on how to prepare for your child custody case. Dr. Lubit has testified in over one hundred child custody cases and has been called on to critique the evaluations of other child custody experts around the country.


Child custody is a serious issue and must be approached with great care. The childs needs are the most important factor in any child custody case and decisions should be made based on the childs best interests. Unfortunately, in many child custody cases a parent might end up fighting to satisfy his or her own personal interests, rather than protecting the best interest of the child.

It is crucial in any child custody case to prove you put your childs best interests before your own, you are capable of caring for your child, and you are the better parent, but this is not an easy thing to do. It is very important to learn how to make a good impression and how to present information. You need to be able to convince the court that you are the better parent, says Dr. Lubit.

Your child custody case will be one of the greatest battles you will ever face. It is best to keep a detailed journal and be as prepared as possible. Its not enough for you to just say you actively participate in your childs life; you need to prove you are doing things for your child and be able to show your participation. It is important to keep a log, the courts tend to give much greater weight to records that are kept contemporaneously, says Dr. Lubit.


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