Protect Yourself and Stop Sexual Harassment from Happening to You

EVDense interviews Dr. Bernice Sandler, expert on sexual harassment issues, about what people can do to protect themselves from sexual harassment.

SEATTLE, WA — April 5, 2010

EVDense Corporation (, maker of the EVDense Digital Diary, releases its third in a series of podcasts providing valuable information from experts on important issues that matter most in people’s lives. In the newest release, EVDense speaks with Dr. Bernice Sandler, “the godmother of Title IX.” Dr. Sandler has been the frontrunner in the fight against sexual harassment and is the nation’s leading expert on the subject.


Sexual harassment is a serious problem for girls and women, and even boys and men. “Sexual harassment is common in schools at all levels from even as early as kindergarten and of course it is very present in the workplace,” says Dr. Sandler. People often face these issues on their own, without access to the information they need. But EVDense is helping make resources available, such as Dr. Sandler and her expert advice, to help you understand what to do if you are being harassed and how to fight the harassment.


If you are being victimized by sexually harassing behavior, you are not alone. There are things you can do to protect yourself and stop the harassment. Keep track of any harassing event in a journal or online diary. “It’s really important when bad things are happening to you that you write it down, the day it happened, what happened, what you felt, who saw it, what anybody said, what the other person said or did and how you responded. When you write things down it really makes a difference,” says Dr. Sandler.


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