Introducing EVDense Digital Diary Child Custody

EVDense Digital Diary-Child Custody is a new service that has been proven to get you the best possible results in your parenting evaluation and your child custody case.

SEATTLE, WA — March 26, 2010

EVDense Corporation (, maker of the EVDense Digital Diary, announces its release of EVDense Digital Diary Child Custody (EDD-CC), a service specifically designed to help a parent to get the best result in their child custody case. Developed by experts and based on successful cases, EDD-CC shows your facts and tells your story so you will continue to be involved with your childs life.


Divorce is all too common. Often there are children involved who are caught in the middle as the divorcing parents battle each other for their custody. Unfortunately, many custody battles are not based on real facts, but on interpretations of he said/she said and unfounded accusations. It is very important that you prove yourself to be a good parent, using facts that can be independently verified from third parties. EDD-CC is an easy to use service for you to collect your important and valuable evidence in child custody disputes and parenting evaluations to help you show how you have been a strong parent for your children.


EDD-CC really works! An EDD-CC user was awarded primary custodial parent status by showing daily involvement in key areas, such as school, health, activities and home life. The EDD-CC user stored emails, voicemails, documents and other files, which was used as evidence. I really like the visual timeline because it helped me tell my story. I shared my timeline with my attorney to show how I was involved in my childrens lives, says the EDD-CC user.


Facts count, love walks. There are three things important to winning the greatest battle of your life.


  1. Court Presentable Facts

Certify your evidence has not been manipulated and show your facts are court presentable

  1. Chronological Documentation

View your files in a timeline summary and see all your evidence in a chronological order

  1. Credibility of Evidence

Keep a record of each event as it happens with the EVDense iphone app and prove your evidence is credible


Dont wait until its too late. If you are in the midst of a divorce, facing a child custody battle, or preparing to meet with your parenting evaluator, go to and sign up for an EDD-CC account. Get started today. If you have any questions, contact EVDense at 206.653.0200 or email to


About EVDense


Facts Count. The EVDense Digital Diary (DD) is a secure, time stamped document storage service for collecting credible evidence. EVDense DD gives you the most effective way to provide court presentable facts in chronological documentation. You can store any type of electronic files such as Word, PDF, Email, Voicemail, etc. EVDense Corporation, a legal technology company and maker of the EVDense DD, also provides software services and legal consulting for Fortune 500 companies, and with its legal expertise advises trial court judges in the admission of electronically stored information as evidence.


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