EVDense Digital Diary is a Great Way for You to Collect Your Electronic Information

EVDense speaks with James Yand, attorney and legal expert on eDiscovery issues, about the importance of properly storing your electronic information.

SEATTLE, WA — March 5, 2010

EVDense Corporation (, maker of the EVDense Digital Diary, releases its second in a series of podcasts providing valuable information from experts on important issues that matter most in peoples lives. In the newest release, EVDense speaks with James Yand, a civil litigation attorney and eDiscovery expert, to tackle important issues the EVDense Digital Diary helps to solve.


In todays electronic world there is an ever increasing amount of electronic information being created everyday. Much of this information is getting lost, deleted or even manipulated and changed. These reasons make it difficult for people to use their electronic information as evidence in any dispute. The EVDense Digital Diary is a very good solution for every person, not just people in legal disputes, to collect and store electronic information, says Yand.


The EVDense Digital Diary not only gives people a simple way to collect and store electronic information for use as evidence in court but also gives people a practical solution to keep track of their daily lives and the things that matter most to them. For example, the EVDense Digital Diary might be used by parents to keep track of their childs doctor visits, or to monitor their childs school performance, or even to record how much quality time the parent is spending with their child. And in the case of a child custody dispute, this information could also serve as valuable evidence to help a parent demonstrate their ability as a capable parent.


EVDense is continuing to showcase experts who want to share their knowledge and expertise with EVDense members in its podcast series. EVDense will continue to provide valuable information and help you to protect yourself with a service you can use. If you have feedback or comments that you would like to share, EVDense would like to hear from you. Call at 206.653.0200, or email to


About EVDense


Facts Count. The EVDense Digital Diary (DD) is a secure, time stamped document storage service for collecting credible evidence. EVDense DD gives you the most effective way to provide court presentable facts in chronological documentation. You can store any type of electronic files such as Word, PDF, Email, Voicemail, etc. EVDense Corporation, a legal technology company and maker of the EVDense DD, also provides software services and legal consulting for Fortune 500 companies, and with its legal expertise advises trial court judges in the admission of electronically stored information as evidence.


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