EVDense Helps to Protect the Victims of Workplace Bullying

Identify bullying problems in the workplace by using EVDense Digital Diary to log and capture the evidence.

SEATTLE, WA — January 26, 2010


EVDense Corporation (, a leader in providing technology services to help people protect themselves, has been meeting with experts to provide their Digital Diary service for victims of workplace bullying. The EVDense Digital Diary service gives the third party support to help victims identify bullying and protect themselves from the bully.


Workplace bullying is a reality for many people in the United States. There are currently no laws in place to protect victims from bullies, but there are things people can do to stop the bullying. Gary Namie of the Workplace Bullying Institute ( provides valuable information on what people can do when being bullied in the workplace.


Bullying is costly for the business and the best way to stop the bullying is to make the business case that the bully is too expensive to keep, according to Gary Namie. It is important to collect as much data as you can to make your case to the employer. You have got to show all of the incidental things the bully causes in terms of the disruption, absenteeism and loss of productivity," says Namie. 


EVDense Digital Diary can help people to log and collect each incident of bullying to help them build a fact-based case to present to their employer. EVDense Digital Diary is the secure, date stamped, document storage service, that lets the victim document any incident of workplace bullying, no more purging of your email account by a conniving bully or complicit employer. The Digital Diary is an excellent service for building an indisputable case whether or not you eventually sue, says Namie.


Secure and easy to use, the EVDense Digital Diary will help offer protection in any type of dispute. Keep an ongoing diary, upload any type of electronic file and certify that all of your files are the originals. Log and collect the information that matters most. Sign up and start protecting yourself today.


About EVDense.


EVDense Corporation, headquartered in Seattle, Washington, is a leader in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications for securely creating, storing, and retrieving electronic files and documents.  The EVDense team has decades of experience in the legal technology industry, and is advised by seasoned legal experts. EVDense products include Ixio Legal QShift and Business Intelligence Process Design consulting for business class customers, and EVDense Digital Diary for consumers to create and store electronic information as evidence.


About Workplace Bullying Institute


Founded in 1997 by Dr. Ruth and Dr. Gary Namie, the Workplace Bullying Institute is the sole United States organization dedicated to the eradication of workplace bullying through public education, help for individuals, employer solutions and legislative advocacy.


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